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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Life As We Knew It

    Hello On the Same “Paige” readers! I’m sorry for not posting for a while. Unfortunately, this is going to be my last post for a while. Don’t worry though. I’m going out with a bang. Today I’m going to talk to you about my favorite book of all time. I’ve read it three times and would read it again. It’s called Life As We Knew It by Susan Pfeffer. Life As We Knew It is a book about what would happen if the moon was hit closer to earth by an asteroid, told through 16 year old Miranda Evans’ diary entries. At first, Miranda thinks that the moon being hit by an asteroid is just another excuse for teachers to give homework (Spanish included...don’t ask), but then things start to go wrong. Panic breaks out and suddenly there is a stampede at the grocery store...and the mall. Other than that everything’s fine...right? Wrong. Things begin to slowly slide down hill, they lose Internet, power, heat, sunlight, and family. One after the next. Soon, volcanoes begin to erupt and oceans begin to flood the outer lands. Good thing Miranda and her family live inland with no volcanoes near by, otherwise there would be no story. Soon Miranda’s family begins to turn on each other, but they are brought together by the death of a close family friend. So many things go wrong for Miranda’s family and not just in their house. Miranda’s best friend and father (who’s wife was pregnant when she last saw him) are in a danger all their own. As you can tell this book is definitely one that I love, and I’m not even scratching the surface. Though, I thought I would leave some of that wonder for you. Anyway, I don’t love this book because of the story (well actually…). No, I love this story because its the first one that seemed real to me. I would curl up in a chair in the library during recess every day and just read. It would take me away into an apocalyptic world of terror and I would love it. I would come out of my trance thinking that it was all real. No other book has ever made me feel like that, and I love it. Hey, at least I’ll know what to do if a meteor ever really does hit the moon closer to earth. Oh, and guess what I just found out yesterday. IT’S A SERIES! It is known as the “Last Survivors Trilogy” (Even though there are four books). I plan on finding and reading them all. No one better dare disturb me while I read because I’ll bite their hand off. Well, if you love this book (and book series) as much as I do, or just love the trance it puts you into, then I guess were On the Same “Paige”.

- Paige Stewart

This is my copy of the book!
Here are a few links for more information:

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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Ring of Fire

A few years ago I started to read this great book series. It's called the Century Quartet series. So I decided to re read the first book, called Ring of Fire. It's not your average mystery book. The story really starts in a hotel room, that room has been quadruple booked. Ok so yeah, it's Christmas time and mistakes can be made, right? Then it starts to get weird. A conversation starts between the 4 teens stuck together, leading them to a competition of who has the weirdest birthday, guess what? The all win. Every single one of them was born on February 29th, leap day. Ok, that was spooky. If that wasn't enough, the power goes out, so of course, doing what all teenagers stuck in the same hotel room do, they sneak out...ok that turned out to be not so good of an idea. Why? Well they kind of run into this strange man on a bridge, he hands them a brief case. Elettra (the hotels owners daughter) makes the decision to take it mainly because the strange man was muttering 29. They plan on returning it and forgetting all about it later but the man has been murdered. Thanks to the contents of the brief case (some old wooden tops and a map) these 4 teens start on a journey to uncover, the ring of fire. What is it you ask? Well it's not fair If you know when they don't. One thing you have to remember about this book. There is no such thing as a coincidence. You will be on the edge of your seat waiting to see what happens next because telling you any more would give it away. You have to read it to find out what happens next. If you like it there are 3 more books as well. If you like Ring of Fire then we are on the same "Paige".

Monday, January 12, 2015


Hello Everyone! Sorry I haven't been posting lately. I've been nose deep in this new book called Virals. Virals is a book co written by Kathy Reichs and Brendan Reichs. If you like a good murder mystery or action/adventure book then you should read this book. Plus, if you like the show Bones then you should read this book because Kathy Reichs was the creator of the show and to make it better the main character Tory is the grand-niece of the main character Temperance Brennan. Ok, enough about the background, now for the story. Oh, wait! One more thing, it might seem like I.'m telling you the whole story, but trust me this is barely scratching the surface. Tory is an incredibly smart teenage girl who's mother was killed in a car crash and is sent to live with her father, who by the way, she never met. Things get off to a bumpy start with her father "Kit" but she does make some new friends. That's where the fun part comes in. Tory and her friends like exploring on Loggerhead Island, the only problem is that it is home to Loggerhead Island Research Institute, where Tory's father happens to work. While they are aloud there, them breaking any rules would be very bad...that is, if they get caught. While looking around one day, they find an old dog tag and Tory becomes obsessed with finding the owner, but if she had never found the tag, they would never have gotten them selves into such a big mess. When breaking into the research station to clean the tag (don't ask) they discover a "lost dog" in a cage in a locked room. Unfortunately, Tory has a soft spot for dogs, so they must steal the dog. Then things start getting weird. After discovering the owner of the dog tag is dead, they turn to her daughter, who has been missing for many years. Tory, being the smart girl she is, decides to find her...that's where the murder comes in. After going to the police with their findings they are written off as just scared little kids, because, guess what, the body's gone. That's not the only weird thing. Suddenly Tory and the gang are blacking out and then waking up with the senses of a wolf. Why? You have to read to find out, but I will tell you this. They learn to use these "flares" as they become to be known as, to help them discover who murdered the young woman. Although, these ways are not always legal, felonies include but are not limited to, breaking into the library, breaking into a house, breaking back into the same house, and breaking into the research station. This book will keep you up till all hours until you find out who did it, and this book will throw in more than one twist you'll never see coming. If you like this book then read the next 4 in the series, Seizure, Code, Exposure, and Terminal. If you agree with me, the we are on the same "Paige".

To check out the book series website click here

Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Lost Hero

 This book was recommended to me by my friend who is a senior at Barlow. Now don't hate me fans of the Percy Jackson series but I read this book without reading that series first. My friend knew that though and I say that you don't have to have read the Percy Jackson series to get the references, that's what wiki and friends who have read it are for, but to save you the trouble I will be adding some need to know info at the bottom of this review. Before I actually tell you about the story I have a note for Percy Jackson fans, the main character is NOT Percy Jackson, he is mentioned but beyond that he will not appear until the next book in the series. This book stars Jason, that's it, just Jason, for now that is. Jason's story is definitely unique, I mean how many times do you just find your self sitting on a bus, having no idea who you, or how you got there, holding hands with a girl you don't recognize? It's as if he was no where and then he was just there, he didn't appear, he didn't teleport, he didn't walk on the bus, he was just there. Other than Jason and the girl sitting next to him the bus there are many other kids as well as a coach, Leo, the kid sitting behind Jason cracks a joke that should seem funny but Jason is lost. It is at this point that Leo explains a few things to Jason, Leo is Jason's best friend, The girl sting next to him is Jason's girl friend Piper, and they are at a wilderness school for troublesome kids. Oh and one more thing, their coach is a goat. Ok enough of the beginning, Jason is a demigod but he is a little bit different from the ones that you are use to. He knows Latin fluently, calls all of the gods by their roman games, and he knows many things that he shouldn't. As for Piper and Leo, they are also demigods they are relatively normal as far as demigods are concerned. Neither of them knew about their godly parent and are whisked away to camp Half-Blood. Soon they are claimed by their parents and sent to their cabins, all except for Jason who was claimed before but has not memory of it.   Soon Hera is thrown into the mix and they start having visions. Jason is off on a quest with his two friends, but they have secrets, Pipers father was kidnapped and Leo can control and is immune to fire. Along the way Jason meets his missing sister Thalia and they make up for lost time, but that time is cut short by more action, between the Giants, the wolves, and not to mention the dead coming back to life , I'm surprised that they survived...or did they? All the while the campers back at camp Half-Blood are frantic looking for a missing camper who is none other than, you guessed it, Percy Jackson. With so many things going on this book is definitely one you want to read. Plus you could pick up a free lesson on Greek and Roman Mythology. Below I have listed just a few basic things you will need to know for the book if you had not read The Percy Jackson series. If this book seems like your style, then we are On the Same "Paige" - Paige Stewart

Demigod - A mortal being with one Parent being mortal and one being a God, they also have powers having to do with their godly parents.

Monster - a creature such as a cyclops, a minotaur, even Pegasi.

That is just the simple basic stuff you need to know.

P.S. If you like this book read the rest of series Heroes of Olympus series, the next one stars Percy Jackson!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


When I first asked Mr.Kramer for the extra credit book I thought that it had better be worth the points. The book was so not my style. It takes place in a Prison and is written like a script, that is not appealing to be. However, I hunkered down to read the book. It actually turned out pretty good. Sure its no where near my new favorite but not bad. It takes place in a prison in Harlem, New York and follows around 16 year old Steve Harmon through his trial for felony murder. Steve claims that he is innocent, in fact he was nowhere near that store on the day of the murder. The interesting thing about this book is that it is written from first person point of view...literally. Steve is writing the very book that you are reading, as a movie. You get to really visualize every detail and learn more about what happened through the lawyers at the trial and even Steve’s own flashbacks. Throughout the trial you get to see who is guilty and who is innocent. Steve was arrested originally because his “friend” ratted on him to get himself in less trouble. Steve was said to be the signal is clear guy where as his friend and the big guy in charge (there’s always one in these things) were the robbers turned murders. Even though Steve did not directly kill him he is responsible. As you read this very interesting take on a murder mystery I’ll let you decide for yourself is steve is innocent or guilty before you hear the verdict, but before you do just remember, don’t judge a book by its cover. I really hope that we are On The Same “Paige”.
~ Paige Stewart

Monday, September 22, 2014

Time Riders

I recently finished reading the first book in a great series called Time Riders. If you like Sci Fi, History, or Adventure then you will love this book. Although I’m sure this is not the first time the concept has been thought of I still love that all three main characters came from different time periods. Liam O'Connor comes from the year 1912 but not only that, he was a steward on the Titanic! He survived the sinking of the ship due to a time traveling agent nicknamed Foster. Maddy Carter is a computer game developer for Microsoft who is almost killed on a plane from a terrorist bomb, but once again she is saved by the mysterious Foster. These two characters may seem old school even if only by 4 years but this last one will blow you out of the water. Sal Vikram is a video game player from Mumbai in the year 2026! She was supposed to die with her mother and father in a building fire but once again Foster shows up last minute and lends her a hand. However, being saved comes with a price, no one can know that they exist. They were saved from death to be recruited by Foster to become time agents. Unfortunately for them their time base is set to relive two days in history, September 10, 2001 and September 11th, 2001. Every time the clock strikes midnight on 9/11 the days start over back at 9/10. It is pure torture for them to have to relive the screams, and the fire, and the pain over and over again. However, when time is messed up majorly 9/11 is the least of the worlds problems. Liam is sent back in time to stop a man known by the name Kramer from messing with the outcome of World War 2. The history part of the book is interesting however some parts are unbelievable unless you have Bob by your side. Did I forget to mention him? Let me explain, Bob is a support unit, he is like a robot but he is also like a human. I will leave the rest to your imagination because it will probably be pretty close to spot on. The rest of the book is packed with action, discovery, and a sad loss for the team, it all ends with a secret that you will not be expecting. If you agree with me then we are On the Same “Paige”
~ Paige Stewart

Monday, September 15, 2014

On The Same Blog?

 Hello! This is my first blog post! On The Same "Paige" is a book review blog about any book you can think of. Just leave me a comment on this or any post about what books you recommend for a review or a book you want to read but aren't sure about. I'll check it out pronto. As soon as I finish the book the review goes up. Don't forget to check back regularly to read all the latest reviews. - Paige Stewart

P.S. Title of the post will always have to do with the title of the book I'm reviewing.

P.P.S. I may also do book V.S. movie reviews as well